Jean-Sacha Melon

I am a London based Delivery Principal at Scott Logic. Coming from a developer background I am passionate about agility and coaching in the tech space. I love working with our amazing teams and supporting our customers at all levels of seniority.

In this post, I am discussing my exploratory journey into Power BI and how to connect it to Azure DevOps and Jira so we can create more advanced analytics such as Cycle Time scatter plots and Cumulative Flow Diagrams. It is the short step-by-step tutorial that I would have liked to find on my own hunt for information on the topic.
Traditional metrics tracking progress against a plan are not fit for purpose in an agile environment. Quality metrics often focus mainly on bugs producing numbers that are most often not very meaningful. I am discussing a different approach to both using Flow to judge process efficiency and a measure of practices used to express quality.
In this post, I discuss agility in more general terms than thinking about any specific framework. My aim is to highlight the overarching purpose of agility for businesses as a whole as opposed to concentrating at the team level as I have seen so often.
After attending Agile in the City in Britain’s bustling capital for the first time I’d like to share my experience of the event together with a brief overview of my personal highlights and learnings.
In our professional work life we regularly come across difficult people we’d love to avoid, ignore or get away from - this is especially true if you are a consultant or contractor and work with so many different people. In reality however, we have to collaborate also with difficult people. In this article I want to look at the situations, types of people and some techniques that can help.
A common misconception I have frequently observed in organisations that are adopting agile is around using story points for planning, forecasting and progress tracking. Long- and mid-term planning in agile can have devastating effects on teams, which is why I’d like to shed some light on it and talk about how the situation can be tackled in an agile way providing much better results for the project and the organisation itself.


Agile in the City: London
03 April 2019
Lean Agile Edinburgh
21 November 2017