Oliver Foreman

Oliver Foreman

Hi I'm Oliver. I'm a developer for Scott Logic based in the Newcastle office with an interest in web app development.
In this post we will be investigating how we can improve the performance of a chart created using D3FC and WebGL by using a lower level API from the d3fc-webgl package.
In this post we will be looking at creating a chart using D3FC and the new WebGL functionality. With the performance boost that WebGL provides we will see how we can render a large data set of around 54,000 points in a single pass.
An overview of the methods we used to create and deliver digests (emails containing information on a topic that users are subscribed to) using Elasticsearch and serverless architecture on AWS.
Drawing and shading an area around a line is a useful feature for any charting library. In this post we will be exploring the approach we took to implementing this functionality for the D3FC library using WebGL.