Oded Sharon

Oded Sharon

I am a developer at Scott Logic, Edinburgh. Find me on Github

UX Design
In today's digital world, ensuring accessibility in software has become increasingly crucial. The practice of designing software that can be easily used by everyone, including individuals with disabilities, has significant implications for user experience, legal compliance, and business success. In this article, we will delve into the concept of accessibility, its importance, and explore practical considerations to integrate accessibility throughout the software development process. By prioritizing accessibility, we can create inclusive digital experiences that benefit all users and contribute to a more equitable society.
In this blog post, two of our consultants share their insights from a panel discussion focused on enhancing the accessibility of digital products and services. They delve into the challenges encountered by disabled users, emphasize the significance of integrating accessibility considerations from the outset, and highlight the universal advantages that accessibility can offer.
In lights of various incidents where third-party software caused numerous failures, we'll review the considerations we take when selecting third-party software.