Paul Hands

Paul Hands

An advocate for agile, single page web apps and React/Redux

“But we already do it in the codebase” is a statement most developers have heard as a reply to a question about some sub-optimal code. But is consistency worth the price of lower quality applications? Or is it an excuse used for a less virtuous approach?
A lot of developers start specialising in Javascript, and have an inherent fear of Java (I know I did!) In this blog post I look at a few tips to get over that initial fear and start coding in Java, from a Javascript background.
Earning a PhD takes hard work, intelligence and a bunch of other skills. In this post I expand on how I left academia after qualifying and was made to feel like my qualification was truly valued at Scott Logic.
There are differences in technical ability across any development team. In this post I look at how those differences can result in substandard code getting into your releases, and some steps to take to avoid that happening.
Being a scrum master from a technical background, resisting the appeal of being a more technical team member, can be tricky. In this article, I weight up the pros and cons of technical scrum masters, and some pitfalls to try and avoid
Managing state in an application can be tricky, even more so with many moving parts like in typical forms. In this article I consider when it is appropriate to use Redux and Redux Form to manage the state of a form in a webapplication
Scaled Agile Frameworks can be used to upscale agile practices for multiple development teams. Here I consider when it can go right, when it can wrong and some pitfalls to watch out for.