William Ferguson
William Ferguson

I'm a developer at Scott Logic, after joining in 2014 as an intern.


Creating a Parallel Particle Simulation in Go

Following on from my previous blog post where I created a simple particle simulation using Go, I looked at adding some complexity.

Creating Simple Web Services in Go

Following on from making a simple particle simulation in Go, I decided to try and implement a simple set of web services too.

Creating a Simple Particle Simulation with Go

In this post, I take a look at writing a simple particle simulation as a way of learning some of the basics of the Go language.

Creating a Pebble Watchface with JavaScript

In this article, I take a look at writing a watchface for Pebble using their newly released JavaScript SDK.

Web Audio API Part 2: Moving to Electron

Back in January, I blogged about using the Web Audio API with D3, creating an app using Knockout and RequireJS. I’ve since expanded on that application, migrating it to Electron and adding new functionality along the way – like MP3 tag extraction and recursive folder searching. Migrating to Electron In...

Exploring the Web Audio API with D3

In this post, I investigate the HTML5 Web Audio API, using it with D3 to perform real-time audio visualisation.

Sampling Large Datasets in d3fc

Libraries like d3 and d3fc do a fantastic job at making interactive charts. However, when the data size is in the hundreds of thousands, performance suffers. In this post, I'll have a look at some sampling techniques recently implemented in d3fc, and show them off with a demo.