How Sibela Chinareva enjoyed her internship in our Bristol office.

Sibela is studying Computer Science at the University of Bristol and spent her summer internship in our Bristol office.

Her decision to do an internship at a technology consultancy was driven by her interest in software development and the desire to work in a small, friendly environment. She first heard about Scott Logic through a friend and thought it would fit the bill.

“The size of the team in the Bristol office appealed to me, as I believe working in a smaller team helps bring people together and contributes to the quality of the final product.”


Sibella was particularly keen to work as part of an agile, collaborative team in a professional environment, and to develop both her technological and communication skills. She admits to being nervous on her first day but found that the welcome she received – and the initial induction and training sessions – really helped her settle into the team and feel more confident.

“The first week’s introduction to the technology was really suited to my experience and I felt really welcomed by the team. The biggest challenge for me was organising work across the team of interns, but we managed this by having regular meetings, and following the advice of our mentors.”

Working with experienced mentors helped Sibela to understand industry best practice for team communications and workflow management, and also helped her to develop new tech skills:

“Technology-wise, I managed to create a proxy server which served as a simulated player that we then used when testing our application. Although at times I worked by myself, the Scott Logic team always offered their help whenever I was stuck with an issue.”

In terms of how the internship may have changed or refined her career plans, Sibela reflects: “I knew I wanted to work for a software development company, so the placement has solidified my decision, and I have also realised that – if I have the choice – I would prefer to work in a small and friendly environment, like Scott Logic”.

And Sibela’s words of wisdom to other undergraduates considering internship options? “The internship has taught me how to express my opinions and respect those of others, so we can collaborate effectively as a team. Communication and getting along with your teammates is the key, so spend time getting to know whoever you’re working with. It definitely makes a big difference.”

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