How Tilly Woodfield found her summer internship in our Bristol office.

Tilly is studying Computer Science at the University of Bristol and spent her summer internship in our Bristol office.

Tilly’s interest in software development first came from her university course, and the social aspect of consultancy was appealing when looking at internship options. Scott Logic was top of Tilly’s list, as one of her friends had been an intern the previous year and really enjoyed it – and because of our involvement with the Computer Science Society at her university.

“I wanted to learn what it was like working at a consultancy firm and get some experience working in a real-world environment as part of a team, which we don’t really get at university.”

On her first day at Scott Logic, Tilly was struck by how friendly and welcoming everyone was: “On the first day, we got a tour of the building and were taken around the office and introduced to everyone. We were given some JavaScript exercises to do to ease us into the internship and we could go at our own pace. There were also plenty of social events – like a board-game night and office drinks. Lots of people in the office checked up on us and offered us help regularly.”

Tilly’s biggest technical challenge was to configure CircleCI to run tests in parallel, and her biggest overall challenge was to work effectively as a team with the other interns – planning tasks together and not blocking each other. This is a massive challenge for all interns, and she reflects that everyone definitely got better at communicating throughout the internship.

The internship has also helped Tilly refine her career plans and understand the kind of company she’d like to work for after graduation.

“I still want to work in software, and this internship has shown me that I enjoy consultancy. The culture in the office has been really important too, and I know I want to work in a company where everyone is friendly and knows each other.”

And Tilly’s advice to other undergraduates considering internship options?

“When looking for a job, focus on the office environment, who your colleagues will be, and what opportunities there are to learn from, as this will make or break your experience.”

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