In this episode, I’m joined by my colleague, Oliver Cronk, and Chris Booth from NatWest for a lively discussion about the much-hyped ChatGPT.

We discuss the origins of this technology and the recent advances that contributed to its success. From there, we look at the new discipline of prompt engineering, and how this approach has democratised access to cutting-edge AI. We also consider the emotive response we feel towards this technology, and the shared belief that this is going to be huge!

As this podcast aims to look ‘beyond the hype’, we also talk about practical applications and the limitations of this technology.

Links from the podcast:

  • ELIZA – one of the earliest attempts at creating a conversational AI

  • Attention Is All You Need – the paper that describes the GPT-series architecture

  • An OpenAI API primer – a three-part series that covers explores the API, explaining concepts such as few-shot learning

  • Prompt Engineering

  • GitHub Copilot – an AI programming pair, based on a large language model

  • WebGPT – Improving the Factual Accuracy of Language Models through Web Browsing

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