Dave Ogle

Dave Ogle

Hi, I'm Dave, a Senior Developer at Scott Logic, based in Edinburgh. I'm a full stack developer with particular experience developing front end applications. I enjoy problem solving, Jazz, Star Trek and single malt whiskeys, not necessarily in that order.

In this post I'll try to lay out some requirements for 'good' code, talk about how we might define 'easy' code and how this correlates with a definition of 'good' code.
In this blog post I'll be demonstrating how quickly it's possible to setup, integrate and deploy a React application using the right tools.
In this blog post I'll be exploring Lexical Scope in JavaScript and answering the question "What is Closure?"
In this quick look at the R language and tools I'll look briefly at the syntax of the language and have a go at creating a few charts with a data set.
A quick look at Apache Storm with a short word count walk-through example using a Redis Database.
We've been comparing Cassandra and MariaDB in single node setups, exploring the issues of each in terms of performance and ease of use from a development perspective. In this article we explore the issues at play in such a setup such as the differences in queries, speed of response and the features that seperate these two technologies.