OK, so I’m a bit late; it was my intention to write this post at the start of January. However I’ve been a bit busy…which is a good thing!

At the start of 2016 I wrote a brief post that shared the most popular topics on our technical blog from the previous year, and here I am to repeat the exercise.

Firstly, the number of visitors to our site has continued to increase. Towards the end of 2015 we exceeded 100,000 visitors per month for the first time; throughout 2016 visits have continued to grow, pushing towards 120,000 per month.

Strength in numbers

Looking at some of the other metrics, in 2016 we published:

  • 80 blog posts (+12 compared to 2015)
  • By 32 different authors (+4 compared to 2015)
  • Including 18 new authors.

While it's great to see an increase in the overall number of blog posts and visitors, I’m most pleased with the number of new authors we’ve attracted.

Looking back on 2016 the five most popular blog posts (with visit counts suitably corrected based on the date they were published) were:

It’s great to see such a diverse range of topics being covered on the blog, a trend I’m sure will continue throughout 2017. Happy New Year!

Regards, Colin E.