Bartosz Jedrzejewski

Bartosz Jedrzejewski

I am a Technical Principal at Scott Logic specialising in microservices and cloud architectures. I am a passionate advocate of the DevOps culture. I also write on

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In this webinar, Bartosz shares his experience and practical advice on how to increase your organisation's chances of DevOps success.
Delivering software fast and with as few bugs as possible is not an easy thing to do. Developers often blame the lack focus on technical debt for a buggy solution, while testers point to well... lack of testing. In this blog post I will talk about the idea of "sustainability" in software delivery and how thinking and using it may make your project more successful.
DevOps methodology is currently at the peak of its popularity. Despite this popularity, the journey towards the adoption is often difficult. This white paper provides actionable advice on how to assess your DevOps maturity and embark on the journey towards adoptions.
This month I have sat and passed the AWS Solution Architect Associate exam. Like with many things, the journey is more exciting than the destination. In this article, I share lessons and observations I made along the way.
It seems that everyone is trying to build a microservices based system these days. Some of those attempts succeed when others fail miserably. In this article, I will look at one thing that often connects the winners- the use of DevOps practices and culture.
DevOps culture is a critical part of successfully delivering an enterprise scale project. Getting that culture into a company requires a mindset change. In this article, I explore the journey to the DevOps Culture, DevOps Mindset and provide some practical advice based on my experiences.
JVM Roundabout is a meetup in London where all things related to JVM are discussed. The February edition of the meetup focused on microservices. I had to be there!
Java Optional has been around for a while now. It is a pity that this language feature is not used more often by developers. This is a simple demonstration of how to use it correctly.
Being software developer requires technical insight and analytical approach. Yet, this is just part of the role. This article explores soft skills that are important part of every software developers life.
Lichess makes over 100GB of chess games from 2017 available on their website. This post shows how this data can be transformed with Apache Spark and analysed. Something for Data Engineers and Chess Enthusiasts alike!
Using microservices in your architecture is a very popular choice. Unfortunately it is also challenging to get it right. With the help of Twelve-Factor methodology, I will tell you how to set yourself up for a success rather than a disappointment.
It is a great joy to be a member of a productive team that delivers exceptional value. In this blog post I will share things that developers can be doing to make that happen. Ideas presented are funded in Agile principles and Lean manufacturing.
Lead Developer Bartosz discusses the differences between working for a company that provides in-house development and working as a Scott Logic consultant
The popularity of Spring Boot in the Java world is undeniable. In this post I will show you yet another reason for this. Using Spring Boot makes working with MongoDB an absolute pleasure.
A short introduction to Java enum capabilities followed by concrete examples of good use. How enums help with implementing lazy loaded singleton, following open/closed principle and using strategy pattern.
In most microservice architectures, there are many opportunities and temptations for sharing code. In this post I will give advice based on my experience on when it should be avoided and when code reuse is acceptable. The points will be illustrated with the help of an example Spring Boot project.
Being a software developer requires constantly improving ones knowledge. This is a short list of books that made the largest impact on me as Java developer. I hope that you too will find here something that will take you to the next level!
This blog shows how to get started with microservices using Dropwizard. It guides the reader through building a simple task-list service.


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