James Dunkerley

James Dunkerley

I am a Technical Architect at Scott Logic, based in London. I have many years of using C# within financial services. My current interests are in data analytics and visualisation, particularly using Tableau and Alteryx. I also enjoying learning about new big data technologies and machine learning.

It's the end of the #AdventofCode for 2020. I take a look back over the final 6 puzzles and sees how much was possible in BaseA Alteryx. How close did I get to solving all 50 stars in BaseA!
19 days in, the end of the third week of the #AdventofCode. The challenges have got harder and some have taken a little more than just BaseA Alteryx functionality but am still going strong. Here's my look back at solving the puzzles over the last 7 days.
As week 2 comes to a close on the Advent of Code, a look back at how the puzzles have been solved using BaseA by the community and me. The challenge has definitely increased this week!
It's the end of week one in the Advent of Code and, as has become a little bit of an annual tradition, I and other's from the Alteryx community are trying to solve with the base tools. In this post, I look back over the first 5 puzzles and how I (and others) have solved them.
In this post, we work through building up a cubic spline from first principles first in Python, and then converting the Python code into an Alteryx macro
In this post, we look at creating a brute-force search approach to solve Matt Parker's Coin Puzzle using some binary manipulation within Alteryx
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In this webinar, James maps out a set of well-defined and understood steps on an organisation's cloud journey, to help you plan your onward route towards cloud maturity.
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In this webinar, James provides a balanced and clear-eyed view of the pros and cons of migrating to the cloud in relation to four key factors - agility, cost, security, and vendor lock-in.
A very quick experiment into setting up a new development environment in GitHub and Visual Studio Online for creating Python-based AWS Lambdas
A walkthrough of setting up a WebPack 2 based build process for creating an Electron application in TypeScript, including configuring a build in Visual Studio Team Services.
My first thoughts and impressions of version 11 of Alteryx.
Recreating the data used for the Guardian's Unaffordable Country visualisation in Apache Spark.
My highlights from attending the Alteryx Inspire Europe conference, hosted in London.


Sainsbury’s Alteryx User Group
24 January 2020
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15 January 2020
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11 December 2019
Inspire Conference
08 October 2018