Tamara Chehayeb Makarem

Tamara Chehayeb Makarem

I am a user experience designer based in London. Using an agile approach, I design desktop, tablet and mobile web apps. At Scott Logic, I work with clients mainly in financial services enhancing their trading platforms, analytics dashboards and Intranet tools. I am an enthusiast of Data visualization and interactive projects using code for art.

UX Design
In this post, I share the top things that resonated with me from the Women of Silicon Roundabout 2021 conference: the importance of finding purpose, nurturing talent, and building a sustainable future.
Earlier this month, I was a speaker at the Linux Foundation Open Source Strategy Forum (OSSF) in London. I moderated a panel on women’s career progression within Fintech. In this post I detail my thoughts on the key takeaways from the panel
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In this talk, I present empathy as a skill that can be cultivated and explores ways of doing that. Anyone interested in building their empathy skills or cultivating empathy within their team or workplace can learn here about different types of empathy, the ways it can empower us and its practical application in our day-to-day jobs.
In this article, I focus on the migration strategy for legacy applications from a UX perspective and highlight the elements that businesses should think about.
The process for meeting accessibility standards can seem overwhelming. In this post, I explore three ways of approaching accessibility that make achieving it more manageable.
Clean Design is the cleanliness of your design files and the practices of creating these files rather than the design outcome you generate from them. In this post, you can find a few tips on how you can start applying Clean Design.
We know that emotions can move markets through optimism and pessimism but what about apathy, stress and the embarrassment that we feel when discussing our finances? Designing for emotion is not a new concept but perhaps it has been overlooked in FinTech. In this post, I share my take on the FinTech Design Summit 2019 focusing on an angle that puts people’s emotions at the center of FinTech Design.
In this article, I share my take on the recent Big Data LDN 2018 conference and delve into some particular highlights from Dr Hannah Fry's keynote.
Protecting users’ privacy and security is often seen as a task for developers. However, UX designers can work alongside developers and play a role in that. In this post, I present a few ways in which designers can help users protect their data.
An MVP is a product that has just enough features to add business value. Typically you quickly learn from it to improve on subsequent releases or inform business decisions. MVP is also a buzzword and many have tried to constrain its definition. However, when people talk about MVPs, they mean different things. In this post, I describe the 3 types of MVPs that I encountered.
In this post, I go over the similarities and differences between Sketch and Illustrator when working with type.
This post looks at the pros and cons of some of the automated handoff tools available for designers to share style specs with developers.
Facilitating UX workshops can be challenging when ideating with non-designers who have not participated in a UX workshop and are sceptical about its value. In this post, I suggest four tips for achieving successful UX workshops and gaining the trust of the more sceptical participants.
Big Data can help businesses run more efficiently. Their main challenge is getting the best value from the data they have to turn it into actionable information
Body as interface is plausible either when the body is in a controlled environment or when the device becomes part of the body. Exploring this notion allows us to stop designing interfaces and start designing experiences.
The size of things is relative to the scale that we set. This might sound like a trivial notion, but it is key to creating meaningful data visualisations.


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