Andy Lee

Andy Lee

I'm a Technical architect at Scott Logic, in Bristol. I have a full-stack .Net background, but lately I'm most interested in all sorts of web technology.
As a front-end developer working on real-world applications, WebAssembly isn't something I can actually use, is it? Let's find out how easy it can be using AssemblyScript.
Is WebGL faster than Canvas for drawing 2D shapes, and if so can we harness that speed to visualise very large data sets? I wanted to learn WebGL so I decided to investigate this question and learn at the same time.
The d3fc cartesian chart provides a simple way to compose the most commonly used type of chart, while keep its API simple. But would it be possible to keep that simplicity while making a chart component that is more flexible?
Recently we've been looking at enhancing the D3 axis component to implement a number of common features including more flexible label placement (e.g. positioning labels between ticks) and rotation / offset of labels to avoid collisions. This blog post demonstrates some of these features and how they were implemented.
A working example of how to create a new plugin for Perspective, using a ready made template to get started quickly, and open source mapping API from OpenLayers.
How we built a plugin for Perspective from JP Morgan, using d3fc to display a generic charting view that can show multiple chart types.
Mock the back-end of your web application, using Node.js, to make developing and testing the front-end easier.
How to create hero transitions with AngularJS, similar to those implemented by Google's Material Design and Polymer's core-animated-pages.
Some lessons I've learned trying to optimise a HTML5 mobile App so that it's fast and responsive even on old or budget phones with limited performance.
How to use a long-press to trigger re-ordering a list in Ionic Framework, instead of Ionic’s default implementation, which requires a button to switch modes.
Using Cordova and Ionic Framework to turn an AngularJS web application into a cross-platform mobile application.
How to use Asp.Net's built-in bundling and optimisation feature to optimise AngularJS templates
Writing end-to-end tests for a Single Page Application (SPA) built with Angular or Knockout, and how to improve the robustness of those tests.
A comparison of Angular and Knockout in an enterprise scale single page application, by building the same sample application with both tools.