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As a keen amateur runner that somehow found themselves with a qualifying time to stand on the start line of the Great North Run with the Elite women, I take a look at the main ways data has aided my journey to that start line.
UX and UI often get used interchangably, but there are key differences. Which one do you need?
My experience contributing to open source as a first-timer - along with some thoughts for those that are looking to take part but are unsure of what to expect.
As someone with virtually no previous experience in open source contribution, I had a go at finding contribution opportunities using "good first issues" websites. Here I present my experience along with some hopefully helpful thoughts for both contributors and maintainers.
A balanced overview of the WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022 tries to answer the question, "Are international conferences worth all that time and effort?"
In this episode, Simon Martin, Chris Price and Rob Pilling share their interest and insights into Rust. This relatively new programming language has caught the attention of the development community, being voted the ‘most-loved’ language seven years in a row in the StackOverflow survey.
Learn about what a data platform is and how it can translate enormous amounts of unstructured data into meaningful reports on your business operations.
In this month’s episode, we tackle a wide range of topics relating to the role of technology innovation, and the perils of hyped technology, within Digital Government.
Highlights from one day training course on performance tuning with Apache Spark. Delving into the five most common reasons for poor performance.
A whistle-stop tour through some of the LGBTQ+ computer science pioneers ,the technology they created, and the impact they have had on modern computing.
WebAssembly has gone through quite a transformation this last year, while the wasm language landscape is slowly shifting, the more notable change is in what people are using WebAssembly for. The use of wasm for serverless, containerisation and as a plug-in technology has leapt considerably, with WebAssembly System Interface (WASI) becoming ever more important.
Every June, I like to share my thoughts on the continuing relevance of Pride Month. At Scott Logic, we’ve adopted this year’s Northern Pride theme—Remember, Resist, Rise Up—and there are many good reasons why, from the personal to the political.
In this month’s episode we talk about Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), a testing practice where system behaviours are captured in a human readable Domain Specific Language (DSL), which are automated and executed.
Ever wondered how to tell how strong your pasword is? This blog post explores this question using the popular Wordle puzzle game for context.
An introduction to the tree data structure. Trees are often shrouded in mystery and stoke fear in the hearts of software engineers. Today we look at the different types, how they work and most of all, how do you implement one!
In this month’s episode, we talk multi-cloud. This is a challenging topic, even the first step—nailing down what the term actually means—isn’t easy. How does it differ from hybrid-cloud or poly-cloud? Does the term refer to the deployment approach for a single application or an entire organisation?
In this article, I summarise the talks and workshops that I attended during the 2022 Scott Logic Grad Summit, an event that brought together 70 graduates who joined the company in the last two year, and share the insights that I gained as a tester from each event.
WebAssembly is really starting to shine is as a standalone runtime environment. In this blog post I explore the Wasmtime WebAssembly runtime, and build a WebAssembly-powered serverless platform in just 70 lines of code.
As a software engineer with an interest in cloud computing I wanted to look at how organisations can use the cloud to help reach net zero. I’ll share what I found out, including resources which organisations can apply to reduce the carbon footprint of their workloads.
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Recently, WebAssembly has been a hot topic in tech and developer forums. In this talk, I discuss one use-case: the creation of a UI that runs in browsers, which is powered by WebAssembly (compiled from Rust).